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What we do

FITCO's methods & systems are scientifically based, with our programmes led by educationally sound and qualified professional fitness coaches and sport scientists both in person and online. 

Our coaches base their programmes on differentiation, progression and regression, movement efficiency and safety. Our training concepts are the result of many years of practical experience and continues education.



FITCO's personal coaching is the foundation for all future engagement in our fitness programmes and it follows a strong progressive and systematic approach to ensure that personal goals are achieved and maintained.

Our personal coaching concepts are divided into:


  • Functional Integrated Training

  • Corrective Functional Training

  • Functional Athletic Systems Training

Personal Fitness Coaching



FITCO’s high-performance coaching has its basis in progressive resistance training or weightlifting with specific athletic performance training objectives.


The FITCO strength-power speed model has been established over the last ten years and is built on sound educational and scientific basis.


The FITCO strength-power speed model is made up of four pillars:


  • Pillar 1: Functional Athletic Preparation

  • Pillar 2: Fundamental Core Strength Lifts


  • Pillar 3: Explosive Power Lifting

  • Pillar 4: Combative Training

  • Optional Pillar 5: Speed, Agility & Quickness Training


All Pillars (Except Pillar 5) - To Be Accompanied By Upper Body Conditioning Routines & Exercises

High performance coaching




FITCO’s small group training is the client's next step in enhancing and maintaining their fitness performance. Beyond all other factors, it still provides a progressive and systematic approach in coaching clients on a long-term goal intervention strategy.


Small group training is an extended programme offering of compulsory personalised coaching in our practice.


Our small group training concepts are divided into:


  • Functional  Strength Training


  • "COREFLEX" - Mobility: Stability Training


  • H.I.I.T


  • BootCAMP


  • "F.A.S.T" - Functional Athletic Systems Training


  • Body.Shift Training


  • Hybrid Body.Shift Training

Small group coaching



BODY.SHIFT is a free form style of movement-concept created by FITCO.


It integrates aerobic dance, athletic drills, functional movement drills and free-flowing dance-orientated movements within a multi-dimensional and transformational movement discipline (“body coaching” process).

This movement concept is divided into THREE PHASES:

  • Phase 1 (Fundamental Movement Base)

  • Phase 2 (Rhythmic Limber)

  • Phase 3 (Travelling Rhythmic Limber) 

All three phases are available in DVD format and syllabus.

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