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The FITCO personal trainer internship

FITCO offers a unique personal training internship to candidates whilst studying. This is a valuable opportunity to be involved in a professional personal training environment. The integration of scientific and applied theory in the workplace will provide trainees the experience to observe, be educated and to apply FITCO fitness methodology and branded conditioning systems as an intern.

Students who successfully complete their Professional Fitness Studies and FITCO internship will be offered a position as a coach at FITCO.

What does the internship entail?

Once completed, a final evaluation will be performed on the following:

  • Subject knowledge

  • Consulting and coaching potential

  • Demonstration of physical abilities


All successful candidates will receive education and training in the official FITCO operation systems. This will cover the management of clients, FITCO administration business, the FITCO brand and the FITCO fitness training processes.

Want to apply?

All interested students can apply via the application form below.

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed and an initial telephonic interview will be arranged, followed by a final, face to face interview.

Upload your CV

Thanks for submitting!

Observing FITCO coaches and their clients during training sessions

One on one sessions with a FITCO coach regarding specific training strategies and client case studies

Assisting FITCO trainers with their clients in a semi training capacity

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