The Team



Chris van Loggerenberg - (B.A (ed) Phys.Ed) Hons. FMSC. TBMM-CES. CAFS



My passion for my work lies within the attainment and sustainability of "Mobility", through the process of movement learning, exploration and expressivity. To provide a proprioreceptive enriched environment for my clients  - to be open to receive, re-learn, re-create, re-activate and to re-educate the neuro-muscular system. All culminating in "BODY ALIVENESS".

Serilda Mostert - A.F.A.A Certified Group Training Intructor

Body.Shift Coach


My coaching emphasis  is on “technique”, movement efficiency and expression, instilling body awareness through a sound progressive and sytematic approach according to the client's specific needs and objectives. To ensure that clients can experience the connection between their emotional, mental and physical well-being and that their achievements may become a life skill in self- nurturing. 



Robyn Phillips - Cert IV in Fitness & Master Trainer Level I (AIF)

Knockout Fitness Trainer (Boxfit) & CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

TRX/Crankit Trainer & ViPR Trainer

Studio Pilates Instructor & Ido Portal Movement X Student

I have the necessary skills to run an organized and efficient business. As a keen participant in various sporting endeavours, I am disciplined and focused and understand the sacrifices it takes in order to succeed.

My experience in weight loss and management, muscle growth and definition, circuit training, bootcamps and outdoor training and pre and post natal training, are based on years of continued education and qualifying myself with best scientifically based training methods and systems.

Craig Galvin

ETA Fitness & Personal Trainer Certificate

(Lead & Instruct Exercise;  Personal Training)-(with merit)

I have a successful track record of evaluating clients’ physical fitness and flaws, understanding their needs and goals, and injuries, then developing a practical and achievable workout routine for them to reach their targets. I believe I have an above-average ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, to motivate and encourage them in a sensitive, supportive manner, and to gain their trust.

I am committed to my career as a fitness trainer, and to continually expanding my knowledge and keeping up to date with industry developments. Strength training is my personal favourite and I enjoy adding an element of cross training into it to build up strength and fitness at the same time.

Our 'Freelance' Movement Specialists



Dustin Fourie - BA Human Movement Science Hons.
Certified Massage for sport and fitness ETA


I am a trained professional with qualifications in both anatomy and physiology - with my knowledge, experience and understanding, I am able to assess as well as  advise and provide suitable treatment. Using a range of massage techniques I am able to address a number of challenges in the body related to stress, tension and specialising in pre and post sporting activities. By applying various degrees of pressure and strokes this is an offering for everyone ranging from the a desk bound professional trying to get rid of a nagging ache in the neck and back to the sports enthusiast needing some muscle re-allignment after a tough race or competition. 

The purpose of my service is to ensure the relief of muscle spasms, improving efficiency in movement, relieving stress and inducing overall relaxation to my clients. My skilled hands, provide non-invasive pain relief by correcting and restoring function to your muscles and soft tissue.


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