Our Mission

As an exercise science based personal fitness coaching business, it is our perogative

as fitness professionals to plan, design, implement and apply intuitive and imaginative

exercise modalities, according to the established needs of the client / athlete. The

achievement of results is manifestedin the manner that we as professional trainers

take responsibility to assess, condition, monitor and motivate our clients to set realistic

and attainable goals.


Conditioning Process

We approach training from a differentiated basis, in terms of a mobility awareness -

integration within a physical dimension. The outcome is based on a total mind-body

interconnected experience.

The FITCO conditioning systems basis it's movement philosophy upon integrated and

multi-planar and multi-dimensional movements. It is imperative to ensure that our

clients are physically equipped to apply conditioning techniques which involve : 

acceleration, deceleration, and stabilisation, occurring at different speeds in varying

body positions. 



Personal Coaching is the foundation for all future engagement in our fitness programmes and it follows a strong differentiated, progressive and systematic aproach to ensure that personal goals are achieved and maintained


The main aim of the each coaching system is to enhance multidirectional and multi-planar mobility, by integrating specific conditioning modalities within the training system. This system includes a variety of structure applications which are designed to create a challenge to the needs of the client. 

The loading patterns of the selected fitness activities will provide the client the opportunity to work towards the accomplishment of personal goals within the parameters of safety and functional movement efficiency.

All movements are core strength based with a strong emphasis on back alignment, postural awareness and breathing techniques. 

The following components make up the structural formats: movement preparation, technique, mobility, stability, functional strength, rotary strength training, balance, flexibility and athletic specific conditioning. Corrective exercise takes the lead from Functional Movement Systems in the USA.

Each Client will be guided and educated regarding health choices regarding nutrition for general well-being, performance enhancement and weight management.



The small Group Training is the client's next step/phase in enhancing and maintaining their fitness performance. Beyond all other factors it still provides a differentiated, progressive and systematic aproach in coaching clients on a Long Term Goal Intervention Strategy.


The small group training concept is an extended derivative of compulsory personalised coaching in our practice.

This concept requires a significant level of fitness, functional technical application and accountability. 


The intensity and tempo in the small group training situation is unique due to the nature and individual requirements of each client. It is a challenging pace with healthy competitiveness to synchronise as a team.


Each client in the group will still be monitored and to receive attention in maintaining their performance outputs, ideal body composition levels and nutritional guidedance.













The Strength-Power Speed Model has been established over the last ten years and more. The Model has been built on a very sound educational & scientific basis.


Its basis is progressive resistance training, or weight lifting with specific athletic performance training objectives.. The foundation of the Conditioning Model is characterised by the following variables:

  • High Priority is placed on Movement Efficiency & Technique and not Loading

  • A systematic and progressive conditioning approach will ensure that differentiation is applied to all physical capacity levels and age groups of the players.

  • The Foundation of the Performance Structure is being secured by an implementation of a sound functional movement approach as first priority before high levels of performance and skill can be implemented.

  • Functional Movement Screening and Performance Testing

  • The Conditioning Strategy is based on the Periodisation Model, which will allow the players to peak for specific deadlines and to instil maintenance during competitive periods.



The Conditioning Strategy is based on the Periodisation Model, which will allow the athletes to peak for specific deadlines and to instil maintenance during competitive periods.


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